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Mobile Works...
Connect, Engage & Interact with Customers in an Instant

Ease of Use

Our platform’s account management center is simple, clean and easy to use. You don’t need to worry about servers or software updates. And because it’s web based, you can access IROC Mobile’s platform from anywhere, from any device. We even provide you with a Quick Start Guide to jumpstart your mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing is SIMPLE... It’s as easy as 1-2-3
  • 1. Signup and select a keyword (personal name, business name, promotion…whatever you like)
  • 2. Create a message or special offer
  • 3. Share it with the world. Promote is on your website, share with friends/customers on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Display it on a window sign/banner in your store.

    You can even send a message to your entire network/group even if you’re on the go with your mobile phone…it’s that easy/simple.

Start Building Your Mobile Database Today

Your account comes loaded with tools to help you build your database/list of contacts. You'll be able to attract, connect, engage and interact with your customers like never before all through their mobile phone.

Try it FREE... Look Under the Hood then take a test drive

Your FREE 10-day trial includes 10 contacts, 10 monthly emails, 10 mobile text credits, and one mobile keyword. This gives you an opportunity to look under the hood and see how easy IROC Mobile can work for you.


Our account center provides real-time reports so you can gauge how well all of your campaigns are doing.

Access From Anywhere

Our online account center can be accessed anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection.